Thursday, October 19, 2006

How To Select The Right Drug And Alcohol Rehab Center

A person suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction needs help immediately.

Therefore, the only way most addicts are able to truly fight the battle against drugs and alcohol is to receive addiction treatment through a reputable drug rehab program.

Furthermore, it is essential that the addict find the rehab center that is best suited for him and his personality because if care is not taken to find a program compatible with his needs, a relapse is highly probable.* The SpecialtyNot all drug rehab centers specialize in every type of addiction recovery.

Therefore, the first step in selecting the right drug or alcohol rehab center is to identify those that specialize in the drug the person is addicted to.

The withdrawal symptoms can vary from drug to drug.

Addicts may find a higher level of comfort treating in an environment where other addicts have shared the same drug experience.* The LocationThe location of an alcohol or drug rehab center can have an impact on its success with the addict.

The proximity to home may cause triggers leading to early relapse.* The ProgramThe first consideration a person must make when attempting to select the right drug and alcohol rehab center is the treatment program.

Most drug rehab centers offer both inpatient and outpatient care programs, but careful consideration must be exercised when making the decision for the level of care.

A preliminary assessment by a physician or qualified counselor/therapist will help determine what level of care is most appropriate.* The ApproachNearly all alcohol and drug rehab centers provide physical and emotional care to help addicts overcome their disease.

In addition, the way these rehab centers address both components of treatment may vary.

In some rehab centers, patients are provided with another drug in order to overcome the addiction.

Yet other rehab centers simply have patients go cold turkey, but this approach can be devastating for some patients and can even cause them to give up hope and want to quit.

In addition, the emotional approach used by rehab centers to assist with addiction recovery can differ.

For example, some drug rehab programs may utilize less known approaches, such as music therapy and art therapy.

For an addict, the approach used can make a huge impact on the overall success because if the addict does not believe in the type of therapy being utilized, they will likely be defeated before the recovery program even begins.

There are other questions that should be asked when making a decision about admission into an alcohol or drug rehab facility.

Staff credentials, medical supervision, cost, typical length of stay, aftercare programs, 12 step philosophy, sobriety success rates, and family involvement are a few other important considerations to think about when making perhaps one of the most important decisions in the life of an addict.

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