Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Public Relations for Drug and Alcohol Centers

Most people do not wish to talk about drug and alcohol centers these days, yet we all know people who have addiction problems, perhaps a close friend, family member or business associate.

It is for that reason that drug and alcohol centers are needed and should be considered important parts of our society and civilization even if many people feel that those who have such addictions are weak, worthless and pathetic.

It is easy for folks to dismiss the need for drug and alcohol centers and wish they would go away, as often they advertise the ugly truth about our society and the misfits in it, nevertheless we do need them, as one of those misfits may in fact be someone we very much care about and there is a possibility we have friends with severe drug or alcohol conditions that we do not even know about.

This is why drug and alcohol centers need to have and promote community goodwill and have a decent public relations program.

Putting up billboards that say America has a drug problem or alcohol problem is not a positive public relations program that should be administered by drug and alcohol centers.

A more empathetic approach might be;

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