Thursday, October 19, 2006

Addiction Treatment

Addiction is the physical need for a substance (physiological substance dependence). Even when use of a drug does not create physical addiction, some people may overuse, or abuse, it because it gives them temporary self-confidence, enjoyment or relief from tension.

Addiction patterns vary according to cultural practices and the social environment.

A core concept evolving with scientific advances over the past decade is that drug addiction is a brain disease that develops over time as a result of the initially voluntary behavior of drug use.

Not surprisingly, AIDS is the leading cause of death by illness among people in this age group.

The National Institute on Drug Abuses recently published Principles of Effective Drug Addiction Treatment Is a guide that gives information on how to treat all aspects of the individual who is addicted to alcohol and/or drugs.

Similar to other brain diseases such as schizophrenia and depression, the best drug addiction programs treat the entire individual using medications and behavioral therapies.

They also provide family therapy services to enable the patient to return to a successful family life.

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