Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Drug And Alcohol Treatments

Just like alcoholism, drug dependence is a disease and as such, it can be treated using rehabilitation programs.

This may be because the substances abused by drug addicts tend to have more adverse effects, as they are more potent The wide varieties of drugs that are available also add to the complexity of drug addiction and its treatment.

TreatmentIn the same way that alcoholism may require tailored treatment, treating drug addiction also employs tailor-fit rehabilitation programs, although there is a wider variety because programs are sometimes created for specific drug-users and specific substances.

The usual process that drug addicts undergo in rehabilitation is also similar to what alcoholics undergo since programs also follow the three stepsintervention, detoxification, and rehabilitationthat most rehabilitation centers use.

During rehabilitation, patients also receive behavioral therapy, counseling, and family therapy.

The general principle in treating drug addiction is that the more the patient is treated, the higher the chances that the patient will be able to live a drug-free life after the program.

Given this, drug dependents are encouraged to stay in the program longer and constant follow-ups through support groups are also encouraged.

Alcoholism and drug dependence are similar in a way because they both can be treated using the same rehabilitation programs and approaches.

Despite some differences, the goal of the treatment for both alcohol and drug dependence remains the same, which is to help people to successfully live cleaner lives and to successfully re-integrate themselves in society.

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