Thursday, October 19, 2006

When You Love an Addict

One of the hardest things you can ever do is to love an addict.

Addiction is a vicious and an all influencer that very few relationships can survive.

The addiction whether it is drugs, food, alcohol, or even the internet really doesnt matter because that desire that your loved one will have will over shadow all.

Loving an addict leaves you feeling empty and very alone.

Realize that the addition will over shadow all aspects in your relationship with the other person.

When someone is consumed with an addiction that addiction comes before everything else.

Your loved one does care, but realize that your loved one has something else that is more pervasive in their life.

They still love you, but the nature of an addiction will place the desire and need to feed their addiction as the primary force in their life.

You will be faced with the choice of trying to compensate for them in their relationship. this will make it easier for them to continue their addition.

You may be faced with putting aside the relationship if their addiction grows to be too great.

For some couples this realization is enough to help the addict reel in their addiction for others, they will simply part ways.

A relationship with someone who has an addiction is worse than a relationship with someone who is involved with another person, as you do not lose your loved one to someone else;

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