Friday, October 20, 2006

Alcohol Abuse Is a Bad Habit that Is Hard to Break

With an estimated 14 million Americans into the bad habit of abusing alcohol or drinking to such an extent that they have become alcoholics there is no wonder that more and more marriages break ups are related to alcohol abuse or addiction.

The breakdown of relationships due to excessive drinking is becoming an increasingly common marriage problem with the bad habit often leading to physical abuse.

Alcohol abuse or even worse alcohol dependence is a serious problem that can not only cause chronic health issues (such as liver damage, brain damage or, if you are pregnant, harm your unborn child), but can totally change a persons character with abusers more likely to become thoughtless or violent towards their partner or spouse.

Although alcohol abusers arent physically dependant on alcohol they are far more likely to go that stage further and become alcohol dependant.

Alcohol abuse is one of those bad habits that can totally change a persons personality and lead to the abuser physically harming their spouse or child.

Like with many bad habits the earlier you break the habit of alcohol abuse the easier it is to stop, the less likely you are to destroy your marriage, harm your baby, ruin your health or lose your job.

Living with an alcoholic or an alcohol abuser is and ugly experience, full of fear resentment and hate.

Alcohol abuse is one of those common marriage problems that can only be resolved through the action of the abuser and that is to kick the bad habit now, before its too late to save your marriage, your family, your job and your life.

Terry Ross is the author on and the creator of: Common Marriage Problems, a site dedicated to resolving marital conflict.

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