Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Basics About Alcohol

Alcohol has had its ups and downs throughout history. Alcohol can be good or bad depending on
how you use it. There are four basic types of alcohol
- Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, and Butyl. Ethyl is used in making
beverages for consumption.

Alcoholic beverages are made through fermentation of yeast in the alcohol or through distillation of the alcohol.
Alcohol use can be casual or become an addiction.

The use of alcohol produces results based upon how much of
it is consumed in conjunction with other factors, like your
tolerance level and body weight. Intoxication occurs when the liver can not metabolize the alcohol. In some cases death can occur when the respiratory system is severely depressed by an overload of alcohol on the body. Over a period of use a person builds up tolerance to alcohol meaning that each time they use it they must consume more to achieve the effects.

Long term alcohol use can damage the liver and the brain. Most bad problems associated with alcohol can be avoided by responsible drinking habits.

Alcohol has its friends and foes. Research is being done constantly to test the effects alcohol has on the body. Responsible drinking is encouraged to avoid many alcohol related issues and problems. Responsible drinking is alcohol use by those over the legal drinking age and in a non-abusive manner.

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