Sunday, October 22, 2006

Women Recovering From Drug And Alcohol Addiction Part 1

National studies have shown that drug addition is increasing among women.

If would be safe to acknowledge that there is an increase as well concerning women and alcohol.

It is difficult to get exact numbers as to the increase, for women are often reticent to seek treatment for their addiction.

The women who do seek treatment for addiction often reveal high levels of depression and anxiety as well as low levels of self-esteem and selfconfidence.

If you couple that with the social stigma that is attached to women in addiction, one can easily see that recovery is no small feat.

It can be difficult for a woman to gather the courage to seek treatment for her addiction.

With that being said each year many women to make an attempt to change the destructive behaviors that have been hindering their lives.

When a woman enters recovery and is carrying the incredible burden of guilt that is often experienced as a direct result of a history of addiction, support from other women is crucial.

That is in not to suggest that everyone in that persons life and recovery network is less important, but to indicate that support from other recovering women can make a huge difference between success and failure.

Women coming into recovery are often suffering with low self-esteem and self-confidence.

Getting help from other women who have experienced those same feelings can go a long way in assisting the newly recovering woman to begin to forgive herself.

Recovery is built upon a series of small steps one day at a time.

The thinking that keeps a woman in addiction is not the same thinking that keeps a woman in recovery.

Many hospitals offer addiction counseling
which will bring recovering women in contact with other recovering women.

The same holds true for Narcotics Anonymous. These offer good options for women who are new to recovery but truly want to recover from addiction.

Recovery is hard work but the benefits far outweigh the difficulties.

To give a recovering woman the best possible chance at success, support is priceless.

Maureen Staiano is a Life Coach specializing in working with women and the unique challenges, opportunities and transitions we face in our lives.

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