Saturday, October 21, 2006

20 Questions to ask about Alcohol Addiction

The short quiz is commonly referred to as The 20 Questions and the original, developed by researchers in the addiction field, has been adjusted many times over the years to include all mood-altering substances and prescription medications.

As a quick provider in indicating areas of concern, it has proven a valuable tool keyed to behavior among substance abusers and those who may be drinking too much alcohol.

If you or someone you know feels they may have a problem with alcohol, drugs or prescription pills we recommend answering the following questions as honestly as you can! When I'm under pressure do I drink or do drugs more than usual? Has drinking and substance abuse made me more impulsive and less rational? Do I feel guilty about drinking and doing drugs? Have I lost time from work because of my dependencies on alcohol and prescription meds? Has my drinking and drug use caused abusive conduct at home with my spouse and children? Do I continue drinking when companions have stopped? Have I ever had an auto accident because of drinking or substance abuse? Do I forget things that happened when I drink or use drugs? Am I harder to get along with after drinking for a while? Do I still claim I can stop drinking and doing drugs whenever I want? Have I lost a job because of my drug use or drinking? Do chemical substances or alcohol help me build confidence?If you answered yes to several of these questions it may be time for you to take a closer look at your drinking or use of mood altering drugs.

One doesn't jump to conclusions but this test will point out the proper direction to take.

Many of us have wondered about social drinking and others have pondered the borders of substance abuse.

When does alcohol or some other mood-altering substance become a concern and how can we tell if we're headed for trouble? These doubts and recurring questions are more and more troubling as dependency grows and addiction to drugs and alcohol becomes a true fear.

The 20 Questions can help advance such a plan.

Excesses are actually symptomatic and recognized as markers where guilt begins and we ponder major changes in behavior with alcohol or prescription drug intake.
So how do we know if we've turned the corner on our drinking and it's become an addiction? In the early days of alcoholism and drug treatment therapists and counselors would say: If you think you have a problem with alcohol or drugs you almost certainly do! We can be sure we're headed for possible alcoholism and addiction if our consumption of any chemical substance has begun to adversely affect a major part of our life.

According to professionals in addiction and alcoholism treatment there is another way of saying it: An alcoholic or addict is a person who excessively and uncontrollably uses any substances to the point where it interferes with health, family or employment We recommend you take the 20 Questions honestly and follow up with action if the results you get indicate more problems ahead.

If you or someone you know is experiencing the consequences of alcohol abuse or feels a growing dependency on drugs, please contact The Beachcomber Family Treatment Center .

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