Saturday, October 21, 2006

Addiction Treatment is Not Only for Addicts and Alcoholics

I used to joke that I was addicted to more. Society is full of temptations these days and so its hardly surprising that more and more folks are struggling with addictions of varying kinds. Many will think of addictions as being related to alcohol or narcotics whether thats hard drugs or pharmaceuticals, but addictions are a lot broader than that. In fact, folks can get addicted to just about anything and everything be it people, places, or things.

Being a recovered alcoholic and addict, I had no trouble qualifying as a therapist simply because of first hand experience and understanding of the addictive personality.

Usually, by the time an addict reaches my office they are pretty well broken by their addiction and so in most cases I suggest he or she takes time out to attend an addiction treatment facility.

One of the biggest problems with addicts is denial. The world and his brother knows the individual has a problem long before the addict himself will admit to it.

Once the addict owns his problem, he has usually gone pretty far down the track, and quite often leaves a destruction trail behind himself and others. One of my first jobs is to get the addict to understand that he is powerless over his problem and that his life has become unmanageable as a result of it.

If we cannot get him to admit this, then we cannot really move on.

If you are reading this and you know you are having problems coping with an addiction, then I would seriously urge you to consider getting addiction treatment at the earliest possible opportunity, like now! Theres an addiction treatment out there for everyone irrespective of their problem. RECOVERTim Sebastian is a proficient writer and webmaster for Treatments Galore dot com where he writes on such issues as the alcohol and drug treatment programs and finding the best treatment for adult acne.

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