Sunday, October 22, 2006

Alcoholism Treatment and Rehab

Alcoholism is certainly, as described by the American Medical Association, a disease that is progressive, chronic and if left untreated, can be fatal.

The question many alcoholics and their families battle with is how to best treat the disease of alcoholism.

Alcoholism refers to the chronic consumption of alcohol regardless of negative consequences.

The alcoholic is completely preoccupied with their next drink.

Due to the many medical and psychiatric issues associated with recovery from alcoholism, initial treatment should begin in an alcoholism rehab or alcoholism treatment center, specializing in the treatment of alcoholism.

The first step in the treatment of alcoholism lies in alcoholism detox.

Alcohol detox is a combination of managing the symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal, existing medical problems resulting from alcoholism, as well as, any existing psychiatric issues.

Alcoholism detox programs have come a long way in their ability to manage the symptoms of withdrawal through the use of detox specific medications.

Please note that no detox is a pleasurable experience, but everyone can be made comfortable.

After the person is no longer exhibiting any symptoms associated with withdrawal, they may then be transitioned to the alcoholism rehab or alcoholism treatment level of care.

Alcoholism treatment or alcoholism rehab is a combination of group and individual psychotherapy, nutritional counseling, family therapy, relapse prevention and medication management.

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