Monday, October 23, 2006

Addictions and the American Citizen

They say that Americans are a very addictive society.

They, whoever they are most likely are probably right? How do you know when you are addicted to something? Well then most likely you are addicted to Caffeine.

Do you need to smoke a cigarette to calm down? Most likely it is the nicotine there?Many psychologists agree that Americans are one of the most addicted societies in the world.

Some say we are addicted to money, sex, visual stimulation, fast cars, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and well you name it? Perhaps many are and indeed it makes sense that a more wealthy society has more options and more things available to become addicted too, but is this really a viable excuse?Yes, I know you are probably disagreeing with me and yet, denial is the first sign of an addiction.

In fact Alcoholics Anonymous says they cannot fix someone who is in denial and denying the addiction or not wanting help.

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