Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Substance Abuse

We live in a world where war against drug abuse is a continuous struggle.

Drugs are classified as legal and illegal. We cannot discount the fact that substance abuse or addiction is among the most serious socioeconomic problems we are facing today. It is a persistent menace that needs to be addressed head on.

The negative consequences of addiction are school failure, poor judgment that may pose higher risks for accidents, violence, and unproductive work output and in some instances, suicide.

Substance abuse negatively affects not only the person involved but others as well.

Domestic violence, child abuse and failed marriages are the most common results. Schools and communities are also negatively impacted by drug abuse, as the quality of education eventually deteriorates and the crime and unemployment rate rises.

If you think someone has drug abuse problem, the best thing to do is to contact the right sources to get that person help.

Given this, it is better to educate our children at an early age regarding the effects of illicit drug use.

A better understanding of these drugs will prevent them from being victims later on.

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