Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Drug Rehab

Drug abuse or substance abuse is a widespread issue.

Although popular culture has created certain stereotypes for the drug abuser, all are susceptible to drug addiction.

This treatment process is also called drug rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation aims to integrate the person back into society to become a productive member.

The process may involve avoiding the drug, learning new stress management skills, other behavioral treatments but often involves the use of specific medications.

Another prominent component of drug rehabilitation programs is the use of a physical location with a controlled environment where the patient is taught life skills while undergoing treatment.

The largest age group entering drug rehab programs is 36 to 40 years old but all age groups have needed treatment.

The ultimate goal of teen drug rehab programs is to allow the teenager to be abstinent from drugs.

They help the person become productive and overcome the health effects of the drug as well as the withdrawal symptoms.

Other drug rehabilitation programs are geared for specific drugs.

For example methadone maintenance programs distribute a synthetic opiate, methadone to prevent the physiological effects of craving while avoiding euphoria in patients who have heroin addiction.

Some other programs are drug free and focus on counseling and regular clinic visits.

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