Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Quit Smoking Tips

Nicotine addiction is a health hazard that affects millions of people around the world each year.

Smoking cigarettes might have several purposes, but the end result usually terminates in breathing disorders, heart ailments, cancer, and in acute cases, even death.

While some realize the harm of smoking early on, others carry on with the addiction till a stage of no return; when smoking related ailments are beyond cure.

Several people try to quit smoking, but most fail.

Nicotine addiction affects a person dramatically.

Those who try to quit smoking experience withdrawal symptoms and hence tend to revert back to the life-threatening activity.

To quit smoking, one requires extreme levels of self-control.

If one puts his heart and soul into it, this seemingly impossible feat can be made possible.

There are several tips, which if followed, that might help a person overcome the nicotine addiction.

It helps to have someone quit with you, as it provides a moral support and also sets a positive example.

One should try leaving cigarettes at home and not carring them to work or when leaving the house.

Chewing on gum, avoiding alcohol and coffee will help one on the road towards quitting.

This will enable one to brush off this grave addiction.

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