Thursday, October 26, 2006

Effects of Alcoholism

Substance abuse or drug and alcohol addiction involves ingesting or administering harmful substances to our bodies.

For alcoholism, the effects include short and long term effects, both of which can be life threatening.

However, among the two, it is the short-term effects that can affect not only the drinker but other people as well because some of these short-term effects are enough cause deadly accidents.

Some short-term effectsSome of the short-term effects of drinking can happen in as short as ten minutes after you begin drinking, and as you continue to drink, the effects you may feel may have more serous repercussions.

Other short-term effects also include the loss of muscle control, which can lead to slurred speech or falling accidents and stupor, which makes you unable to function and disoriented.

An example of which is when you decide to drive a car even if you exhibit these short term effects of alcohol consumption, which most likely cause you to have an accident that not only endangers your life but of those who are on the road as well.

Given this, it is very important that people are not only aware of the long-term effects of prolonged alcohol dependence since the short-term effects are as serious and as fatal.

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