Friday, October 27, 2006

Breaking the Addiction to Foreign Oil

Can America break the addiction to foreign oil? The President of the United States of America has told the people; we are addicted to foreign oil.

Hello we are the people and we are addicted to foreign oil.

It will not be easy to get America off of her addiction to Middle Eastern oil and it may take a decade or to, but it is something we must do and it is a worthy goal.

Currently our top research and development facilities throughout the nation are indeed finding new ways to get oil out of rock in Canada and turned coal into diesel fuel. Ethanol is certainly another way to break your addiction to Middle Eastern oil, that is to say growing our own fuel.

Did you know that U.

S. automakers are building over 4 million new cars, SUVs and light trucks in the next year alone? Many of these vehicles will be flexible fuel vehicles, which means they can run either gasoline or ethanol and preferably E85 Ethanol, which is a blend of 15 percent gasoline and 85 percent ethanol.

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