Saturday, October 28, 2006

Christian Drug Treatment Centers

Drug addiction is considered a disease that can be cured through medical intervention.

Failure to recover is sometimes attributed to poor follow-through programs that should include reintegration into society and family support.

There are groups however who believe that drug addiction is an indication of a far-reaching human condition that can be dealt with spiritual intervention as well.

Treatment of addiction incorporates medical methods, counseling and spiritual intervention based on Christian beliefs and principles.

Bible-based InterventionsPeople who suffer form drug addiction often point at depression as the reason why they resort to the habit.

And applying those teachings to help drug addicts pick up the pieces of their lives is at the core of Christ-centered rehabilitation programs.

Principles of Christian InterventionAlcoholics Anonymous was founded on Christian principles.

In todays drug rehabilitation centers, the 12 steps are at the core of their treatment programs.

In Christian rehabilitation centers, patients are also treated using those principles but with more emphasis on spiritual healing through sharing, prayer, and application of Christian values.

Patients are assigned partners and support groups and spiritual leaders that guide them through the whole ordeal.

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