Sunday, October 15, 2006

How to Get Rid of Addiction and Abuse

A persons inner inferiority complex reveals itself in his or her actions such as addiction, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, child abuse,compulsive eating, blame and aggression among others.

No successful person desires a destructive addiction.

What people who choose addiction or abuse really want is the power and ability to create better lives.

Fearing they do not have this power to improve their lives, you will hear these people use excuses and blame to justify their addiction and abuse and protect what little dignity they feel they have left.

If you find yourself or others dealing with addiction or abuse, instead of justifying or blaming, ask the following questions:
Do I really want healing and resolution for this addiction or abuse? The only one I can control is me.

Am I willing to take the first step for myself and get rid of my addiction, abuse excuses, blame and other destructive habits to achieve peace and Happiness?Alcohol abuse and drug abuse are common crutches today.

A seemingly innocent use of alcohol can quickly and easily become an addiction, especially if people perceive they are someway 'improved when they drinkAlcohol abuse, drug abuse and any other addiction are serious forms of ersonal loss.

The people, who depend on any exterior addiction or abuse rather than improving their perceived weaknesses and healing their pains, are beaten from the start.

Such a person can find healing.

They must get rid of the addiction and abuse, find a healing system which works and resolve their fears and pains.

Learn how to heal abuse and create what you want in life
Lori Prokop of shows how to heal the world and people in it.

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